Galveston Bay Homes

Galveston Bay Homes



Galveston Bay Homes
These delightful homes give you as the owner the best of all possible worlds. You get the style and feel of a beach vacation home with the waterfront property, stilted main floor, and a variety of exterior colors, but with the cleanliness and sand-free land that the Galveston Bay shore affords. You can live away from the salty sea breeze but still enjoy fresh cool breezes and vivid sunsets reflecting off the water.

These homes offer a variety of amenities not possible for a beachfront property. There are properties with private boat slips where you can keep your boat without having to pull it out of the water every time you use it, or pay to dock it at a marina. There are properties with decks jutting out over the water that are perfect for lounging with a beer or for that Sunday afternoon football party. Many of these properties have lush green lawns all the way to the water, or piers that extend from your backyard great for fishing and crabbing.
Galveston Bay Homes

Virtually every model home you might desire can be found along the extensive shores off the Galveston Bay. One, two, and three story houses are available over the ground floor garage. There are mostly clapboard exteriors, though many are made of stone. Wraparound porches, decks, and patios are all available as well. And depending on your location on the island, it could be a simple enjoyable stroll from your house to the Gulf of Mexico beaches.

Whatever your imagination builds, Ryson Real Estate can find and sell to you for the most affordable price in town. Give them a call today!


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